Green smoothies. Go Green. Be Healthy.

by Sarah on February 6, 2013

Green smoothie anyone?

Whether you love them, loathe them, or simply tolerate them, the humble green smoothie is here to stay. The nutrition powerhouse of the blending world, the green smoothie has quite the reputation.

Immune boosting, life enhancing, skin glowing, make-you-feel-a-million-bucks if you drink just one green smoothie a day, the health claims are endless (not to mention the obvious, a super cool green drink is a useful addition to any balanced diet – all that glorious green chlorophyll will help oxygenate your blood and boost your energy levels).

Tips for jumping on board the Green Smoothie bandwagon

1. Start small. Most vegetables, by their very nature, are not very sweet. Green vegetables in particular tend to be on the bitter side (something our babies have known for years. Those green veggies never go down as well as the fruit does!). Best to start small by dosing up on the fruit. Start with one green vegetable and pair it with a fruit or two. Go slow, get used to the taste and over time you’ll get used to adding more green and less fruit.

2. Drink small. A standard serve is usually 250ml. No need to start drinking 3L smoothies everyday. You skin won’t glow that much.

3. Invest in a blender. A good one. Not that I would recommend dishing out a thousand dollars or so on a Vitamix, but best to put down some cash for a decent blender with a good amount of horse power. You want to be blending those green veggies into a super smooth drink, so you’ll need a decent blender to do this. A stick blender just won’t do.

Green Smoothies by JoannaVerdan

5 super cool green smoothie recipes

1. Nicole from Planning with Kids does a quick and easy green smoothie, using kiwi, spinach, milk and banana to make a super sweet smoothie.

2. Cucumber, celery, basil and lime come out to play in this very simple green detox juice from Supercharged Foods.

3. Get your glow on with Kimberly’s glowing green smoothie recipe and guzzle down a dose of letttuce, spinach and celery (with a healthy side of apple, pear and banana).

4. The Blender Girl features kale in her recipe for a sweet kale and pear green smoothie, alongside grapes, oranges, pears and banana to create a sweet, totally drinkable and green super drink.

5. A little bit different from the rest (no spinach), but still nice and green nonetheless, is the too easy avocado shake from kiddie food blogger (and published cookbook author) Catherine at Weelicious. Who would have thought you can drink an avocado? (Not me).

Image: Joanna Verdan

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Post image for How to Fake Awake: 5 quick beauty tips for sleep-deprived Mamas

You’ve just had a baby. Or perhaps you have a spritely 2 year old who still believes in getting up before the sun.

Either way, you’re working hard looking after those cherubs of yours and you are just plain tired (The one the thing I was regularly told after I had my son was, “you like tired”. Yes, I was tired. Very tired).

A lack of sleep, a newborn baby and a general lack of time for yourself doesn’t exactly do wonders for the complexion (not to mention the bags under the eyes).

Just because sleep deprivation tends to be synonymous with new motherhood, doesn’t mean we always need to walk around looking just as tired as we feel. By enlisting a few clever make up tricks, a few sneaky beauty products, and hopefully a few minutes to yourself, you can be ready to put that ‘fresh’ face forward.

Besides, if you can’t be that super fresh, 8 hours of sleep, my kids-sleep-through-the-night every night Mama (because let’s face it, who is?) why not fake it until you make it.

Best Base
Investing in a good tinted moisturiser – and using it everyday – will quickly become the mainstay of your morning skin care routine. Choose a tinted moisturiser with a high protection sunscreen (aim for at least SPF15+) and you will be able to hydrate, cover and sun protect your skin all in one handy little tube. Just what us time deprived Mamas need. A tinted moisturiser will also provide a sheer amount of coverage for your skin, helping to restore radiance and glow (oh how we need that!) and helping you to look more lively and fresh.

Conceal, Conceal, Conceal
Concealer. The name says it all really. Get your hands on a good concealer and use it everyday to hide those unwanted dark under eye circles or that post-pregnancy pigmentation (oh the joys!). Choose a creamy concealer for undereye use, and a heavier, more waxy concealer to hide pigmentation or blemishes.

Dull tired face be gone with you! Use a little highlighter on the top of your cheeks and along the cheekbones to throw light and ‘highlight’ (as well as deflect the attention away from those tired eyes). Using a little bit of highlighter will help give you fake that radiant glowy look. Just what we need.

Flush Blush
If highlighter isn’t really your thing, give yourself a rosy blush with a touch of liquid cheek colour. Adding that little bit of colour to your face will give you a lift and make you look healthy. There is nothing like a flushed cheek to make you look alive. Keep it quick by using your finger to dab and blend that blush in (smile and apply to the fleshy part of the cheek).

Once I discovered waterlining – thank you to Zoe Foster for that little trick – I wondered what I ever did without it. Basically you take a fleshy pink toned eyeliner and ‘line’ the inner lower lash line (the waterline). Doing this helps to make you look fresh by counteracting any redness in the eye (all that lack of sleep). Fake awake!


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